Home Automation

Westec’s home automation systems provide energy-efficiency, cost-savings, and security.

No matter how simple or complex your requirements, Westec, Inc. will design and install your home automation system so that it can be easily managed directly or remotely. With home automation systems, there’s no wasted heating, cooling, lighting, or energy use.

How can home automation work for you? Wake up in the middle of the night, touch a button at your bedside, and light your path down the hallway. Have lights and music on only when and where you want. Leave for vacation and set your indoor and outdoor lighting routines to continue on as if you were there. Program intricate thermostat scheduling for vacation and seasonal changes. The experts at Westec, Inc. will design a system that you can customize to meet your needs from one day to the next.

Westec, Inc. also set ups security systems including web cameras, monitoring, and recording so that you can feel more secure whether you’re at home or away.

Home Automation Services

  • Home Security
  • Lighting Control
  • Thermostat Automation