Home Theater

No matter the size or space, new or remodel, Westec Inc. can design and build a home theater system to fit your entertainment needs.

Westec, Inc. works with our clients to create the state-of-the-art entertainment environment they envision. Some want better results from products and space they already have. Others want to start with a clean slate. Westec Inc. can set you up to enjoy the complete entertainment experience.

Whether in a living room, basement, garage, rec. room, or designated home theater space, Westec, Inc.’s professionals will install the complete system; from hanging projectors and big screen TVs to setting up surround sound and mood lighting. At the same time, we can consolidate your remotes and create one-button control to further simplify your entertaining.

Westec Inc. is an authorized dealer of Crestron and Universal Remote Control.

Home Theater Services

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  • Surround Sound
  • Lighting Control
  • TV Installation