Energy-Efficient Lighting

Westmaas Electric partners with Graybar Financial to show you why energy-efficient lighting is more than a buzzword; it can save your company money.

Partnering with Graybar Financial, Westmaas Electric can help you retrofit your existing lighting for immediate cost and energy savings. You can then apply those savings to your monthly revenue stream or other projects. Westmaas Electric provides qualified companies with a Free Energy Analysis. Answer “Yes” to any of these questions and you may benefit from a lighting upgrade:

  • Are you interested in knowing what it’s really costing you to light your facility?
  • Would you like to reduce energy costs and simultaneously increase the light quality of your work place?
  • Are you interested in enhancing your building’s value with little or no capital expense?
  • Does your facility use High Output, Mercury Vapor, High Pressure Sodium, or Metal Halide Lamps?
  • Would your employees or those you lease to benefit from improved light quality?
  • Do your lights burn needlessly when areas of the building are not in use?
  • Are you aware of the many energy incentives available for lighting improvement projects?

Your company shouldn’t be losing money because of rising energy costs. Contact Westmaas Electric for your free energy audit and more information.

Energy-Efficient Lighting Projects

Energy-Efficient Lighting Services

  • Free Energy Analysis
  • Financing for Lighting Upgrades
  • 24 Hour Emergency Service