LED Lighting Upgrade for Lexus Dealer

Lexus of South Atlanta wanted a cost-effective LED lighting upgrade but didn’t want to compromise safety or lighting performance.

Graybar, through its Graybar Financial division, supplies funds by lease or loan to companies to do energy-efficiency upgrades using LED lighting systems. Working in partnership with Graybar Financial, Westmaas Electric’s design team can provide this type of result for your company.

41 202 w LED luminaires replaced 41 1000 w MA luminaires, saving 37 kw each hour. Although 82% less energy is being used, auto color retention is improved and perceived brightness and visibility increased. The upper lot saw similar results. Despite replacing 20 1000 w MHS luminaires with five 270 w LED luminaires there was no perceived loss in light levels or uniformity. The switch accounted for 20.6 kw saved each hour and 93% less energy used.

Photographs courtesy of Graybar and General Electric.